Juicing: Strengthen Immune System

Juicing is not just a fad and is here to stay. If you go into almost any food market or home appliance store, you’ll see shelves of juices and boxes of juicers ready to be bought. The surge in juice’s popularity is reflected in the trendiest of cities, Los Angeles, as many stars have been photographed walking on the street with juice in hand.


Juicing is more than just a passing trend, however. The process is exactly how it sounds: You take a fruit or vegetable and squeeze out the liquids to create a tasty and nutritious drink. Thanks to high-tech advancements in kitchen appliances, you can create a variety of delicious combinations right in your kitchen.


The benefits of juicing span from an improved immune system to detoxification, which can improve your skin complexion and overall digestion. It’s also a great way to conveniently get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Many websites have recipes that mix both fruit and vegetables together; if you’re not big on the taste of carrots and other veggies, fruit juice can mask the taste.


Juicing also increases your energy, and it’s not just the natural sugars in the produce (which, in comparison to processed sugars that are found in most foods today, are actually good for you). Believe it or not, because you aren’t spending calories digesting whole fruit, you have more energy to enjoy the Wilmington spring weather, like a walk on Wrightsville Beach or a paddleboard excursion to Masonboro. That’s right: Juicing is a straight shot of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s the fastest way to get your daily intake!


SurfBerry has a variety of wonderful blends to choose from. For example, try our Gold Coast, a mixture of pineapples, grapefruit and oranges. Try one out today and see for yourself why juicing is so popular.