5 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet

5 Superfoods You Need In Your Diet at SurfBerry.com

While all fruits and vegetables all provide you body with amazing health benefits, there are a few that definitely supercharge your health – and that’s why we call them superfoods! Today we’re going to share with you the 5 superfoods you need in your diet. Plus, we’ll share what makes them so super, and different items we have on our menu here at SurfBerry that will help you easily incorporate them into your diet.

5 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet: Kale

There’s a kale-craze sweeping the nation and it seems like everywhere you turn, there it is – and for good reason. Kale is a nutrient powerhouse and provides your body with vitamins and minerals. It contains high amounts of Vitamins A, B6, C, and K, as well as fiber, folate, and iron. If you are dairy-free, 1 cup of kale contains Between 10%-15% of your daily value of calcium, so it’s a great option for helping you get your daily calcium intake. Plus, kale contains the highest amount of phytonutrients than any other leafy green, which may help fight off degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease.

5 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet: Acai5 Superfoods You Need In Your Diet : Acai. Learn more at SurfBerry.com

Pronounced “ah-sigh-ee” may be small, but it sure is one powerful superfood! You can learn more about Acai here, but to sum up it contains more antioxidants than most other fruits which helps slow down the aging process and protect your body from degenerative diseases just like kale. Our favorite way to enjoy Acai is in an Acai Bowl – make sure to come in and try and Acai bowl yourself . They are delicious!

5 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet: Berries

Berries like blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to help boost your immune system and supercharge your healthy body – both inside and out. For example, strawberries have high levels of vitamin C. A serving of 1 1/2 cups of strawberries has the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C, and more vitamin C than an orange. Besides being an immune booster, vitamin C also helps your body replenish collagen which helps keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free. Plus, berries are the lowest fruits on the glycemic index, meaning they contain less sugar than other fruits. Blueberries, for example, naturally help balance blood sugar and have been shown to benefit you heart.

5 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet: Ginger

Besides giving your juices and smoothies a spicy kick, ginger is one superfood that provides an array of health benefits. For example, ginger helps kill viral and bacterial infections, detox the liver and protect it from parasites, and makes for the perfect natural remedy to sooth an upset stomach and ease digestion troubles. Many of our organic juices contain this special superfood.

5 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet: Wheat Grass

5 Superfoods You Need In Your Diet: Wheat Grass. Learn more at SurfBerry.comFeeling a bit sluggish? Stop on by to give a wheat grass shot a try! This green superfood is loaded with chlorophyll, which is found in leafy green vegetables, plants and vegetation, and will give you an instant energy boost. Plus, it helps remove toxins from your body, so you can be your healthiest, happiest you! You can learn more about wheat grass here.

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