5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season www.SurfBerry.com

It’s that time of year again…. the leaves are falling, days are getting cooler and shorter, and the start of the holiday season is upon us. With Thanksgiving and holiday parties on the horizon, we wanted to share our 5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season to help you feel your best this holiday season – energized, focused, happy, and healthy!

Now, it’s fine to indulge every now and again, but the problem with the holidays and the endless parties they bring is that your once-in-awhile indulgences become every day occurrences.

The pumpkin pie you eat on Thanksgiving turns into leftover pie the next few days, along with wine all weekend long, a sugary coffee treat on the way to work Monday morning, cookies in the office breakroom for a midday snack, followed by more pie leftovers when you get home.

Does this ever happen to you?! Want to feel more energized and have a productive holiday season?

Here are our 5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

1). Drink more water. Eating salty and sugary foods leaves you dehydrated and low on energy. Pass up the sugary juices and soda and stick to water. It will help flush the bad food out of your body and improve your circulation. Tip: Drink half of your body weight in ounces each day. For example, if you weight 150 pounds, you would want to drink at least 75 ounces of water each day, increasing the amount if you’ve consumed alcohol or salty and sugary foods. 5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season www.SurfBerry.com

2). Walk daily. Another way to improve your circulation is to take a daily walk. Your walk doesn’t have to be long – a 15 or 20 minute walk is a great way to start your fitness routine. Walking is also a great way to improve your energy level. You would be surprised how a 20 minute morning walk will give you more energy throughout your day!

3). Eat more dark leafy greens. Dark leafy greens, like spinach and kale, are great foods for getting you back on track. They contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A and K, folate, and iron. They contain high amounts of fiber – which will also help rid your body of the not-so-healthy foods that we encounter during the holidays. Tip: Stop on by SurfBerry and enjoy one of our green juices like Cane Garden, Aloha Verde, or yoga Glow – you’ll get lots of greens in and feel fabulous!

4). Get some sleep. The holidays are always a busy time of year filled with activities and fun. However, you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep during this time of year so you can feel your best. It is recommended that we get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night to help our bodies rest and recuperate from our day. Getting plenty of sleep helps you stay energized, and keep your immune system functioning properly – so you can fight off all of those holiday germs. Having trouble catching z’s? The Sleep Foundation has a great collection of tips to help you get in your 7-8 hours each night.

5). Enjoy a healthy snack or mini-meal before going to holiday parties. Hav5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season www.SurfBerry.come you ever heard the expression that you should never go food shopping on an empty stomach? The same goes for holiday parties! Most holiday parties are filled with no-so-healthy foods and lots of sugar from baked goods and alcohol. While these foods are often yummy, we can sometimes over-indulge in them. If you have a difficult time not over-eating at parties, try having a snack or mini-meal before going out. That way you’ll fill up on your healthy snack, and prevent yourself from over-eating at the party. Tip: Stop on by SurfBerry and try one of our delicious smoothies on the way to your next party! You’ll get a good dose of vitamins and nutrients, while filling up a bit on a healthy treat.