3 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in 2015

New Year Goals

January is a great time for reflection – thinking about the past year and dreaming of where the new year will take you.

I for one love this reflection period and always set new goals and intentions for myself, so I thought this first blog post of 2015 would be the perfect opportunity for you and I to do some reflecting.

Now, I’m not for resolutions – I feel like when resolutions aren’t met we feel deflated, broken, not good enough.

I’m all for feeling good – healthy, vibrant, energized, amazing, worthy, happy, free – so last year I started creating intentions and goals for myself based around how I wanted to feel. (Any other Desire Mappers out there?!) 

Crazy enough – all of those goals and intentions came true (except for one, which I know will happen in 2015!). 

And even crazier – while I was pursuing these intentions I felt absolutely fabulous. Don’t you just love when you feel good all the time?! 

Last January my husband and I reflected and answered the 3 questions below, and it’s been really fun to look back on them. It was the first time we did something like this, and we will definitely be doing it each year from now on. 

Give this exercise a try yourself this week and see what unfolds for you in 2015!

1). What are you proud of/what did you accomplish in 2014 that served your highest self? What made you a better person?

2). What feelings, things, thoughts, beliefs and/or relationships do you want to LEAVE BEHIND in 2014, and not bring into 2015?

3). How do you want to FEEL in 2015? A list of goals, where you want to travel, names of people who you want to spend time with, events you want to attend are all great things to add here, just be sure to include how those things will make you feel.

Now I’d love to hear from you! How do you want to feel in 2015? Comment below and let us know. 

To knocking 2015 out of the part!