FREE delivery and pick up to Wrightsville Beach or Figure 8 Island with any order over $100! Looking to bring some extra relaxation with you to the beach? We have the BEST selection of high-quality beach chairs and umbrellas that will brighten your Wrightsville Beach or Figure Eight Island beach day. Why bother getting covered in sand or let the summer sun get the best of you, when you can stay cool and comfortable in the shade of your own personal umbrella and chair. Unfortunately due to a WB Town ordnance vendors are not allowed to set up beach chairs on the beach. We will gladly deliver them to you or they can be pickup up at SurfBerry Cafe.

Beach Chair and Umbrella Rental Rates:

Back Pack Beach Chair

Come and relax at the beach with one of our high quality Tommy Bahama Deluxe Beach Chairs!

Daily: $10/day
Weekly: $25/week

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Premium Beach Chair

Take relaxing to the next level with our high-quality adjustable oak beach chairs. Perfect for a lazy day at the beach!

Daily: $15/day
Weekly: $35/week

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Ultimate Umbrella

Keep yourself cool and shielded from the sun with our quality 8′ beach umbrella with included beach umbrella anchor!

Daily: $20/day
Weekly: $55/week

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Two Premium Beach Chairs and Umbrella

The ultimate beach day in one package: two premium adjustable oak beach chairs and an eight foot ultimate umbrella with anchor will help keep you cool and in total relaxation!

Daily: $45/day
Weekly: $105/week

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It’s important that you guarantee your chairs and umbrellas. We highly recommend making reservations for your rentals as soon as you are aware of your vacation dates. If you would like more information or would like to ask about our beach rentals program call us at 1-910-789-2834 or make a reservation HERE –>

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